Self-Care Tips to Wind Down - New Flame

Self-Care Tips to Wind Down

Nothing compares to the pleasure of arriving home after a long day and taking a moment to relax. Looking after yourself is important, and it is cru...

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Understanding Candle Wax - New Flame

Understanding Candle Wax

Within the world of candles, there are countless of scents to choose from. Peony, sandalwood, pumpkin, amber: there are so many amazing scents to c...

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Candle Safety Tips - New Flame

Candle Safety Tips

If you love candles just like we do, you probably have a few (or many) spread out around your home in every single room. They’re truly great to hav...

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Boost Your Mood with Scent - New Flame

Boost Your Mood with Scent

We all have our moments that we don’t feel our best. There are many activities you can do to boost your mood such as going for a walk, doing some y...

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