Commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we do. From the exclusive ingredients we use to the artisan perfumers we work with - everything is done to create products our customers love and come back to. We like to compare our candles to French wine: with time, the perfume develops in the wax, becoming better and more fragrant.


1. From the World's Fragrance Capital to You 

Our mission to find the finest perfumers led us to Grasse, France - a town titled the world's perfume capital since the 16th century. Situated on the French Riviera, the region's microclimate is optimal for flower farming. The fields surrounding Grasse are covered with 2000 hectares of flowers, which are hand-picked and used as ingredients in perfumes. Home to the most renowned perfume houses, Grasse remains a leader in perfume innovation and creativity. 


Our candles and perfumes are crafted in Grasse under strict European regulations. New Flame partners with the best perfumers (known as "noses") to create one-of-a-kind olfactory experiences. Our commitment to quality is our biggest priority and we only work with the best of the best to ensure our customers receive outstanding products worth remembering. 


2. Only the Highest-Quality Ingredients 

We do not compromise or cut corners when it comes to the ingredients we use. From wax to wick, we searched far and wide for materials of the highest standard. Our perfumes comply with IFRA Standards, a science-based global framework that ensures perfumes are developed safely and environmentally friendly. Naturally, our candles are free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes.


New Flame candles are made with a 100% natural and GMO-free blend of coconut-, soy-, and beeswax. After testing multiple types and combinations of waxes, we found that this blend produces the cleanest, brightest burn and lasts longer. We use pure cotton braided wicks that are metal- and lead-free. The wicks are hand-placed into the glass candle vessels, which are made in France and fully recyclable. Each candle contains 10% perfume.


We incorporate ingredients of natural and synthetic origin to create top-quality perfumes that are safe for your health and good for the planet. While natural is typically associated with "good" and synthetic with "bad", in perfumery natural materials are not always sustainable or safe for use. In the interest of sustainability, we forgo using natural raw materials that are rare or harmful to health and planet, and instead use safe, approved synthetic ingredients that perfectly imitate said natural ingredients.


3. Ethical Sourcing

As a business we have a responsibility to care for people and our shared environment. Our approach to sustainability is centred on ethical sourcing, product safety, and minimising our environmental footprint. We continuously strive to improve and stay up to date with industry advancements and innovations relating to responsible ingredient sourcing.


The waxes we use are natural, bio-degradable, and renewable. We do not use ingredients derived from palm or petroleum. Our GMO-free coconut and soy wax is sourced from the United States. The beeswax comes from the European Union, which has the strictest pesticide rules in the world and bans pesticides and GMOs that are unsafe for bees. The EU Commission monitors bees and is heavily invested in research aimed at diagnosing, surveilling, and preventing bee population declines.


4.  Feel-Good Fragrances 

Our sense of smell is an essential part of life. From the day we are born, our noses collect a "database" of smells associated with memories and emotions. The people around us, our homes, nature - scents are keys that can resurface our past. The right fragrances can enhance our lives, bring out positive emotions, and increase well-being. Fragrance is about enjoyment and discovery, and we are on a mission to create scents that evoke feelings of happiness and delight.


Perfumers are storytellers, using their imaginations and the finest ingredients to create fragrances that elicit nostalgia or Sehnsucht. It takes years of training and a creative spirit to become a perfumer. Our perfumers are graduates of the world-famous ISIPCA perfume school, where they learn to identify molecules and raw materials and combine them into beautiful olfactive experiences. We encourage them to take risks and use their imagination freely without rushing the development process.