Perfume Capital Of The World - Grasse

Grasse, a commune located in the French Riviera, is considered to be the perfume capital of the world. This title was earned due to the rich history, favourable climate, and expertise in the fragrance industry that the town possesses. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why Grasse is the perfume capital of the world.

Rich History

Grasse has a long history of producing fragrances, dating back to the 16th century. The town was initially known for its tanning industry, which required the use of strong-smelling plants to mask the odour of the leather. This led to the cultivation of fragrant flowers such as jasmine, rose, and lavender, which later became the main ingredients in perfume making.

In the 18th century, Grasse became a hub for the perfume industry. The town's strategic location, between the Alps and the Mediterranean, made it an ideal spot for trade and transport. It soon became the centre of the French perfume industry, which led New Flame to setting up production right in the very heart of it.

Favourable Climate

Grasse's ideal location also provides the perfect climate for growing flowers. The town's mild climate, with abundant sunshine and rainfall, creates the perfect conditions for the cultivation of fragrant flowers. The soil in the region is also rich in nutrients, which further enhances the growth and quality of the flowers.

The town is known for growing various flowers used in perfumes, including jasmine, rose, and lavender. In fact, Grasse is responsible for producing around 27 tons of jasmine annually, which is used in many high-end perfumes and candles, which can be found in those of New Flame.

Expertise in the Fragrance Industry

Grasse's expertise in the perfume industry has been passed down from generation to generation. Many families in the town have been involved in the fragrance industry for centuries, with skills and knowledge being passed down from parents to children.

The town is also home to the International Perfume Museum, which showcases the history of perfume making and the development of fragrances. The museum provides a glimpse into the various stages of perfume making, including the cultivation of flowers, extraction of oils, and the blending of fragrances.

In addition, Grasse has a school dedicated to perfume making, known as the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. The school offers a range of courses, from beginner to advanced levels, and provides students with hands-on experience in perfume making.

Grasse's rich history, favourable climate, and expertise in the fragrance industry have earned it the title of perfume capital of the world. The town's long-standing tradition of perfume making, ideal climate for flower cultivation, and deep expertise in fragrance creation make it a unique and special place in the world of perfumery.

So, if you're a perfume lover, a trip to Grasse is a must. It's a chance to experience the scents that have captivated the world for centuries and to learn about the intricate process of perfume making.