IFRA Certified Fragrances - What They Are and Why They Matter

Did you know that there is a global body that represents the fragrance industry and ensures that perfumes adhere to environmental and safety standards?

This is known as the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which consists of several multinational organizations and associations in over 23 countries. The goals of the IFRA certified fragrances are to ensure that fragrances are manufactured in compliance with industry standards so as to bring joy and protect the well-being of people’s lives.

New Flame scented candles use perfume oils that go through rigorous testing and are created using carefully selected ingredients. However, not all candles are the same because they are made of different ingredients, which affect the candle's scent, burnout, and even your health. Our scented candles are IFRA certified, guaranteeing you a great experience and confidence that your choice is beneficial to people and the environment. Here are the reasons why IFRA certified fragrances matter:


  1. To Improve Your Mood and Your Well-Being.

When you’re feeling low or need to relax, you can light up an IFRA-certified scented candle. Knowing that your candle is certified for safety and environmental consideration by the global body of the fragrance industry provides you with the confidence that you are using a carefully developed and tested product that is safe. For example, scented candles with rose, lavender and Jasmine fragrance are an excellent choice for calming your body and mind. Another great scent to choose to unwind with is our  London candle, which has a beautiful and soothing scent of English rose and musk.

The citrus scented candles are also perfect for relaxation and they help to ease anxiety, stress, depression and nausea. Therefore, if you are not feeling your best, you can try our bestselling Mykonos candle , an IFRA-certified candle composed of of marine, citrus and musk notes by qualified perfumers. 


  1. Safe Fragrances 

IFRA works to ensure that fragrances are safe for use and have a positive impact on people's lives. IFRA also promotes the use of fragrance in everyday life, as research has shown that fragrance can have a positive impact on memory. For example, many of our clients say that our Mykonos scented candle reminds them of their time on the island of Mykonos, Greece, in a beautiful yet subtle way. Try one of our French luxury scented candles to fill you with happy memories.


  1. Improve the Ambiance of Your Home

It is important to make your living space comfortable and fragrances play a key role in creating a space you’d love to call home. Get IFRA certified scented candles to help to improve the ambiance of your home and enhance your everyday life.


  1. Respectful of our Earth

IFRA certified fragrances are composed of ingredients that have are beneficial for overall health and wellbeing. For example, using essential oils and natural ingredients is not always optimal because these ingredients can be rare and over harvested, such as sandalwood for example. Instead, perfumers use other ingredients to recreate the scent of sandalwood, in that sense preserving the raw ingredient.

IFRA approved formulas are also ideal for use around children and pets. Whether you are looking for a way to improve your mood or reduce stress, IFRA fragrances are a great option to consider.


Final Take

IFRA fragrances have strict standards perfumers have to adhere to, of which there are only about 1000 certified perfumers in the world. All our fragrances are made by IFRA certified perfumers, which means you can confidently use fragrance to to boost mood, relieve stress, and promote relaxation while being assured you are doing to safely and being considerate of the environment.

At New Flame, we are committed to making scented candles that are high quality and with the finest environmentally friendly ingredients. These are certified scented fragrances you can trust!