Every fragrance tells a story. Whether you're reviving a memory or creating a new one, a beautifully scented candle is the perfect way to add character to your space.
Founders Xenia and Tom

Founders Xenia and Tom

Our story begins amidst London’s hustle and bustle, where our founders sought solace from hectic city life in fragrances. What started as a simple experiment evolved to New Flame — a brand centred on celebrating French perfumery, elegant design, and everyday retreat.

New Flame scented candles, crafted in Grasse, France, embody timeless elegance and a touch of everyday luxury. Born from a desire to escape the mundane, New Flame offers an olfactory journey across the globe through its premium scents.

Scents are powerful. They have the ability to resurface memories of places and emotions, or to fuel our imagination and transport us to places of our dreams. From the Taiga, to London, and Mykonos, our fragrances are influenced by memories that captivated our hearts. 

New Flame candles are made with a natural blend of GMO-free coconut-, soy-, and beeswax and blended with high-quality perfume oils. We work with selected, Paris-trained perfumers to create fragrances that not only stand out in an olfactory sense, but are also proudly certified by the International Fragrance Association. Each candle is poured in Grasse, France, the fragrance capital of the world, and comes in a premium glass vessel that can be repurposed after use.

All our candles are made with materials of the highest quality and come in a classic design that reflects our interpretation of modern luxury. Embark on an olfactory journey with us and let our fragrances guide your imagination. 


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