Woods | Smoke | Moss

Rekindle a memory of sitting by a campfire surrounded by dense forest.

  • Certified by the International Fragrance Association 
  • Up to 50 hours burn time 
  • Made in France using sustainably sourced and renewable ingredients

Picture a campfire in the deep coniferous forest of the Taiga. The firewood crackles, releasing a smoky and intoxicating scent. 

The Taiga candle creates a familiar and comforting atmosphere that is ideal for colder days.


Made with a natural blend of coconut-, soy-, and beeswax for maximum longevity. Each candle has 10% perfume oil and is housed in a matte glass vessel. Ingredients are sourced from Germany, France, and the US. 



The candle contains 180g (6.3oz) wax and is 9.1cm (3.6in) in height.


Burn Time
Up to 50 hours burn time.
Learn how to get the most out of your candle in the candle care section.
Smoke, Birch, Chinese Cedar 
Firewood, Virginia Cedar, Moss

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Elevated coziness

I didn’t think I could make my room any cozier but this candle did it. This subtler and more refined upgrade I didn’t know I needed from palo santo gives me the feeling there’s a wood fire going somewhere in the house, like après ski but after everyone has showered. A+ didn’t expect to like it this much.

Feli Rosse
A breath of fresh air in the world of home fragrances!

I'm so happy I own a New FLame candle! An elegant packaging with a luxurious treat. The burn is so impeccable, without flickering, just cozy vibes. If you're in search of a candle, I highly recommend New Flame. Taiga has earned its spot as my favorite escape in a jar!

A perfect compliment to those cosy winter nights.

When the chill of winter crept in, I found the perfect antidote in the Taiga candle. Its fragrance is like a portal straight to a campfire nestled in a forest clearing, with every burn reminiscent of woodsy embers and a hint of moss. It’s like wrapping yourself in the warmth of a familiar, smoky hug. The beauty of this candle doesn’t end with its scent; the glass jar is sleek and can be repurposed, adding a touch of minimalist chic to my space. The quality is outstanding, from the burn to the packaging. Lighting this candle has become a ritual for me, especially after long days, infusing a sense of calm and comfort into my home office. I Can't wait to stock up on more and possibly give a few away as gifts!

Maria Müller
Top Produkt

Bin sehr zufrieden mit Taiga. Die Verpackung ist elegant und es brennt wirklich 50 Stunden lang!

Brings back memories

The Taiga candle makes me reminisce about the times I would sit around a campfire with my father. Unfortunately he has passed away but the memories this candle brings back is incredible. Forever grateful. ❤️

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