How to blow out a candle correctly, you shouldn’t !

When it comes to extinguishing candles, there exist various methods that are commonly employed. However, it is imperative to note that not all these methods are safe or effective.

Don’t Blow the Candle Out !

Despite being one of the most widespread techniques for putting out candles, blowing out a candle flame can actually be hazardous for  both you and the environment. Here are a list of reasons why :

  1. When you blow out a candle, you can easily blow hot wax and sparks around, potentially causing a fire.
  2. Blowing out a candle can create a lot of smoke, which can be irritating to the eyes and lungs.
  3. This smoke can also contain harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which is released when the wick is burned.
  4. The wick of a candle can turn to smoulder, which can create a black sooty residue on the candle and surrounding surfaces.

How to Distinguish a Candle Flame:

A better method for extinguishing candles is to use a snuffer. A snuffer is a tool that is specifically designed to extinguish candles in a safe and effective manner. This method is much safer than blowing out the candle, as it eliminates the risk of hot wax and sparks flying around. It also produces less smoke, making it easier on your eyes and lungs.

Another method for extinguishing candles is to use a candle dipper. A candle dipper is a tool that is used to dip the wick into the wax, extinguishing the flame. The flame will go out, which means the wick will be coated in wax, making it easier to light the next time you use the candle.

Candle Fact of the Week:

There are several safe and effective methods to extinguish candles. Although blowing out a candle may be the most common method, it is also the most dangerous. But fear not, there are safe and effective methods for extinguishing candles. Consider using a snuffer or candle dipper to ensure a peaceful and worry-free candle experience.

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