Grasse France Perfume Capital of the World


Grasse, located in the southeastern region of France, is a picturesque town that has captured the hearts of many. It is famous for its beautiful fields of flowers, charming streets, and stunning architecture. However, there is something else that has put Grasse on the map- its perfume industry. Grasse is considered the perfume capital of the world, and for a good reason. This is why we at New Flame chose Grasse as our home.

The History of Perfume in Grasse

The perfume industry in Grasse dates back to the 16th century when the town's tanneries began producing leather gloves scented with local flowers to mask the unpleasant odour of leather. The perfume industry began to thrive in the 18th century when Grasse's climate and soil proved to be ideal for growing flowers, such as jasmine, rose, and lavender- all used in perfume production. During the 19th century, Grasse's perfume industry reached its peak, and the town became known as the world's perfume capital. Today, Grasse is home to some of the most prestigious perfumeries globally, such as Fragonard, Galimard, and Molinard.

Perfume Production in Grasse

One of the main reasons Grasse became the perfume capital of the world is the quality of the raw materials used in perfume production. The flowers and plants grown in the region are of exceptional quality, and the perfume houses in Grasse have perfected the art of extracting fragrances from them. The process of creating a perfume is complex, and it can take several years to develop a single fragrance. Perfumers in Grasse are trained professionals who have mastered the art of blending scents to create unique, high-quality perfumes. They use traditional methods and the latest technology to produce perfumes that are sought after by people worldwide. New Flame partners with these trained professionals to create the most iconic scents in the world.

Grasse's Contribution to the Perfume Industry

Grasse's contribution to the perfume industry cannot be overstated. The town has been instrumental in the development of the modern perfume industry, and many of the techniques used today were perfected in Grasse. The industry has provided employment opportunities for the people of Grasse and has boosted the town's economy. The perfumeries in Grasse offer visitors a chance to learn about the perfume-making process and even create their fragrances, making it a popular tourist destination.

Come Visit

Grasse, France, is a town that has made significant contributions to the perfume industry. Its unique climate and soil, combined with the expertise of its perfumers, have made it the perfume capital of the world. Grasse's perfume industry has a fascinating history, and its influence can be felt worldwide. This is why New Flame has partnered with manufacturers here. At New Flame, we believe that corners should never be cut - quality is at the core of our identity. When you come to Grasse, you will embrace the true identity of New Flame.