Blooms and Bouquets: The Essence of Summer in New Flame Candles

At New Flame, we're committed to crafting candles that offer our customers an unparalleled sensory experience. Our IFRA-certified candles combine elegant aesthetics, making them the perfect complement to your floral arrangements and an essential addition to your summer space. Much like how blooms enrich spaces with natural beauty, New Flame candles capture the essence of summer's sweetest nectars, offering a sensory journey that goes beyond mere fragrance.


New Flame Candles X Flower Arranging

Whether you're cultivating a garden oasis or simply adorning your living space with potted plants, incorporating greenery into your surroundings is a surefire way to infuse your days with a sense of vitality and joy. Pair your favourite New Flame candle with the following flower recommendations to enhance the ambiance of your space. Create a harmonious sensory experience, bringing the beauty of nature indoors to complement the captivating scents of our candles.


Alstroemeria Lilies 

Amber, known for its warm and earthy tones, infuses the Mykonos candle with a sense of warmth reminiscent of natural elements like water and the sun's fire on a beach. Like a rare gem in the floral world, amber symbolises a spiritual energy and a lust for life. While finding an actual amber plant may not be easy in your local supermarket, you can evoke the essence of summer in any room by including amber-coloured Alstroemeria lilies in your flower arrangements. The vibrant colour of amber, paired with the base scent note of amber in our Mykonos candle, provides a dimensional experience that instantly transports you to warm memories of summer days. 


The delicate pink hues of hydrangeas perfectly complement the London candle, creating a luxurious harmony of subtle pops of the shade pink. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, hydrangeas symbolise abundance, grace, and gratitude, aligning seamlessly with the calming yet uplifting energy of the London candle. Imagine a garden party adorned with hydrangeas, where the London candle enhances the ambiance with its gentle summer scent, blending floral elegance with tranquillity.

Baby's Breath

Soft and understated, baby's breath adds a touch of elegance to bouquets, mirroring the refined simplicity of New Flame candles. Its delicate white blossoms create a serene backdrop, allowing the candles' pastel hues to shine through. Much like how baby's breath enhances floral arrangements, New Flame candles enrich spaces with their wondrous scents and packaging, inviting you to immerse yourself in the subtle yet transformative fragrance.

During the long days of summer, our candles' 50-hour burn time is ideal for keeping you energised with their captivating scents, while the vibrant colours suggested for your flower bouquets enhance your sensory experience. Celebrating nature and the Earth, New Flame embodies sustainability at its core, offering an all-natural experience unlike any other. Find more about each individual candle here