Are scented candles safe? 

Scented candles containing paraffin wax are harmful to the body and environment. 

We use organic ingredients. Our main ingredient is soy wax which is processed from soybean oil. This is a natural substance found in nature that causes no harm to our bodies. 

What are the differences between soy, coconut, and paraffin wax?

Is my candle biodegradable?


How can I prevent my jar from turning black from the soot?

There are a couple useful tips on how to prevent your candle jar from turning black. 

Do not blow out the candle. This is a mistake most people make. Use a candle snuffer. It's a tool that eliminates the flame in a gentle manner, creating less smoke that rises from the wick which essentially is what makes the jar turn black. 

I am an influencer/journalist. How can I become a New Flame partner?

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